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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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they came up with. i am glad to see that off of our plate. >> there is no court of appeals report this week. >> on behalf of the planning department, there are a couple of items i would like to share with you from yesterday's historic preservation commission hearing. they voted to disapprove the initiation of the gold dust cloud as a city landmark. the hpc was appreciative and overwhelmed by the community support surrounding the potential landmark designation. they unanimously agreed before the letter to the board of supervisors recognizing that while the criteria they use
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doesn't compel them to support the initiation, it is clear that the gold dust lounge deserves recognition as a local institution. the hpc also provided a review 10 comment in support of the proposed listing of a 5 twenty seventh 7 -- 527 7th street, a light industrial design property. the property owners seek a listing of the building in order to take advantage of section 8 of 3.9. the commission might be familiar with the planning commission flexibility at permitted uses to support the economic viability of the city's historic resources. this property will likely come before you had a future hearing. finally, they began their
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review of request for appropriateness of veterans building. it is in the landmark district, but because of a notice in error, they continue this item to the june 6 hearing. if you have any questions about yesterday's hearing, i am happy to answer them. >> we can move forward on the calendar, item number nine is on the directors' report. >> i am record offered with department staff. they have submitted a full san francisco campus.
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it would be approximately 56,000 square feet of space in an existing three-story building. the school would immediately occupied 800 square feet. the graduate degrees in psychology, the school has an enrollment of 750 students. the school employees 45 full- time equivalent faculty members. a 25 other staff employees. the expansion will allow them to separate their classrooms from the administrative functions, proposing to increase the enrollment. it is well-served by transit, the department recommends the commission received a plan and
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not require a hearing. thank you very much. >> any public comment on this? >> is my understanding that once you have closed the public hearing, you are accepting the institutional master plan as it has been proposed. >> with that, it has been accepted and the public hearing is closed. you are out the general public comment category of the calendar. members of the public may address you on the items that fall within the subject matter jurisdiction of this commission. agenda items may not be addressed during this category.
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only at the time they are reached on calendar. each member of the public they address you for up to three minutes each. i do not have any speaker cards. >> any general public comment? great. [laughter] >> with that. commissioners, you've moved the consent item to the first item on regular calendar. item five, case number -- for 2199 market street. >> sharon, planning department staff. this is to establish a new formula use retail for verizon wireless to replace a vacant ground floor space.
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we are recommending approval with conditions. three commercial store fronts, the proposal is to occupy one of the storefronts and establish a formula retail specialty wireless products store. the upper market is characterized and designed to encourage the diversified commercial environment with a wide variety of uses for the adjacent neighborhood as well as a shopping street. lined with buildings that are 1 to three stories tall, commercial uses on the ground floor. seven vacant storefronts and several existing formula. refined the proposal to be desirable in that it complies with the relevant the city codes and guidelines. it will replace a vacant
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storefront to revitalize the corridor and provide new employment opportunities. the department received a request for a meeting, and the group expressed concerns regarding the appropriateness of the proposed cited. i believe that they are ready to present. how it regulates the proposed code which is contrary to the planning cut. it specifies that a sign that conforms to the provisions shall be approved without modification. therefore, it is not subject to a discussion area -- a discretionary process. the staff does not receive any additional public comment and i am happy to answer any questions.
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>> project sponsor? >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is rashid from the wireless store. our dba is verizon wireless because we have to be co- branded. we are a family-oriented business. we started in 2000. we had one location in new jersey and opened up another. that is pretty much where we are today. right now we're probably sitting on 77 locations nationwide. being big is not what our goal
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is, but our strength is being the best. we are based of sacramento, where our roots are from san francisco. my great-grandfather started here in the '20s or so. we still own the property, had we are embedded into the city. we're trying to bring back the business to the city. one of the sites we are looking at is 2199 market street. it is a beautiful corner. if we were to open up in that location, we would be neighborhood serving. one of the things that we do in the majority of our stores, not just this one, we don't do a lot of major advertising, billboards, direct marketing. we are word of mouth that like to support little league,
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basketball, anything like that, community events. charity events, anything like that. because we know that as long as we are embedded within the community, we can make the community thrived. what we do is really focus on that. it is not just for this particular project, but for every single store that we open. we really do take pride in every single store that we open. from the carpet, the fixtures, the graphics, everything. we're not big corporate. is my three brothers and died. we focus on every single store. we don't have a broker that picks locations. we choose and we pinpoint exactly what we're looking for. away from that, we have been
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trying to open up this location. ha we ran into hiatus and then ran into a couple of obstacles with dba and signage. we're flexible as far as what we're trying to do with the site a, elimination, size, everything else. we have had the packet sent out, we did not receive any notification until tuesday night. i received an email say that we need to speak about the science -- signs. i got about six bullet points of conditions that we are trying to meet. we came to an agreement on five out of the six. the front signs, what was sammy
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approved is about a 16.5 ft side of the 25-foot store front. what they are proposing is a 25- foot store front. the bottom line is for small business to survive, if people don't see you, they don't exist. we know that we are on a really nice corner, but signage, signage, signage. we're willing to work with the community to train -- srhinhrink it, but we follow guidelines. we are flexible when it comes to that, but unfortunately, to go down to a ten foot sign is unreasonable. if you have questions about the business or anything else, please feel free to ask.
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>> i have four or five speaker cards. i'll read names off, line up on that side. [reading names] >> i am from the neighborhood association. i appreciate you guys putting us at the front of the consent calendar, that was very nice. we are concerned about proliferation of form of retail and our neighborhood and specifically in the upper market corridor. as we discussed with sharon and the project sponsor yesterday, we conducted a survey of upper market businesses and found that 28% of them are formula retail
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up from 25%. not including the starbucks. we're concerned about the corners where the -- the concentration index at formula retailers even more concentrated at the corners. we encourage the commission to ask staff to complete a survey that is more official, and examines these issues. we like to look at what is the big picture. where formula retail is allowed. all that said, we came to this project with an open mind. we had a neighborhood serving use. it came down to the site into which you can consider under the neighborhood character elements we met with the project
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sponsor yesterday and discussed the project further with them while you were still doing cpmc . has he said, the things that we agreed to were basically hall that make us fit into the neighborhood better. we would have one side of market, had the project basically has a small band. it would put light boxes and wouldn't have silage or interior illumination. the cited would be back with or exterior front-lipped. it wouldn't have any neon or tubing, they say they wouldn't
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have any windows, posters, or coverings. we are fine with that. and we agreed no branding displays. we agreed to all that and the only disagreement was about the size of the sign. a fifteenth seed is very large. it fills up that whole section, and we are proposing 12.5 feet. >> thank you. >> next speaker if i have called your name. >> i am the market street manager for the new location. i am andrew. this will be my fifth location and i must say that i have built up a reputation for serving the neighborhood. we are reaching out for
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sponsorship and we have really been waiting for the location to be up and running for some time now. i am honored to work for the brothers and i can't wait to see the location open. >>m>> my name is paul garcia,'m manager between chestnut and union . i have been working with the company for a year-and-a-half. we were seeking opportunity within the community, and the brothers reached out for the application on line. and that time, i have been able to develop and even raise my status to manager and also the team building of the development as far as the training in
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staffing for all of the san francisco peninsula. one of the things that the brothers have shared with me that i share with all of the people going into the store manager position with integrity. our motive every time is to have the best people with the best clients. we definitely have the best place, which is sent francisco, of course. currently, we are working with sf weekly to be honored at san francisco's best as far as being a part of the community service that we provide. with also provides service to the public as far as informational services on how to best use the devices that help them become more efficient. we are definitely embedded in the process, everything we are doing is just to develop new
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business in san francisco and be part of san francisco. and the people that we trained at love to be part of is part of the family. i wanted to express that with you. >> any additional public comment? dauphin good afternoon, commissioners. i have been project coordinator for about two years now. in each case, i found that they are just amazing to work with. they work very hard and the word neighborhood serving to them comes easily. i have received reports from
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number of places where they have been working and it always worked out the same. who they are well-respected, they have taken a real effort on their to be part of the merchants association and to be part of the neighborhood. i just wanted to support them in this because it has taken them a year, this particular location. the they have stuck with it at about everything. i would like to thank share and for her work. even though it is a small plot and play retail store, it doesn't have a lot of extra stuff going on. they have worked very hard to put this together. we talk about their effort to do just that, to comply with everything they can and work with planning. i see no reason for them to not have the approval on this project as well. i am proud to have been working
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with them home. >> any additional public comment? the public hearing portion of this is closed. commissioner moore: [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, i don't have the specifics for the sign requirements. i know there is a specific section in dakota and that essentially allows project sponsored to meet the maximum allowable signage for the district they are in. there is the discretionary portion that would allow the commission to make any further restrictions on that.
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that is a section listed in the coda. commissioner moore: i appreciate that being shrunk to one sign, leaving them a major street where it can be properly seen. i think it would be too much to have the standing of the upper transit. >> i did not bring that particular section with me, but i believe that they are permitted to have to square feet -- two square feet. there is a ratio. they are permitted to have one side along each street frontage. that is just part of article 6. >> i think the neighborhoods
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concern given that the site is very formula retail-y, it is highly recognizable with the kind of marketing value. the calculation they are making has to be code compliance. if is compliant, i don't feel compelled to take it down further because the size on its own has a certain dynamic to the nature of the building and i am ok with the way it is. i appreciate the discussion. in terms of size and height, is code compliance. th-- it is code co will second,o add conditions -- other woneones about white boxes.
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>> there are -- sign code is an unusual section of the code. >> are they considered part of the signage? >> city attorney? >> i just unfortunately shutdown my computer where i can hook up the code. the staff is correct that the article sixth section is non- discretionary. to the extent that they are complying with the code, that is permitted by the code. unlike almost every other provision, this commission does not have discretion. my understanding is that most
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aspects of science are described in section 604. i don't have the section in front of me. there is nothing that would prohibit the store owner from entering into any agreement between themselves. commissioner moore: i appreciate you saying that, and if it is required for a follow- up, i would encourage that because it seems to have the community effort to work out disagreements beyond what the code says. commissioner sugaya: just to follow up, i can't speak for the other commissioners, but at least for the intent of commissioner moore's motion is to indicate the commission
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agrees with the removal of the second sign as was agreed to by the parties. and to have the code compliant sign. if this depiction is correct in terms of the square footage area and the transparency that it has, i am fine with it. it doesn't block the windows in the back. it isn't a light box with paint on the back. what is an depicted here, i am quite comfortable with. commissioner miguel: i would like to echo commissioner sugaya's comments. the window is extremely open. it's not a solid sign in front.
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to my mind, it's unobtrusive. >> commissioners, my understanding of the motion on the floor as for approval. and according to the second, include the -- >> we cna'an't include that, but we encourage the project sponsor to go forward with the agreement they made with the neighborhood group. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner miguel: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. commissioner wu: aye. president fong: aye. >> that passes unanimously. you are now on item number 10, for 2242.
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>> i am rick crawford of the department staff. this is a request for nine roof mounted panel antennas and associated equipment catmints on the roof of the building at 2242 polk street for the tnt mobility. -- at&t mobility. it is designed to resemble a rooftop vent pipes. the project has the potential impact on the building or on any potential historic district. the proposed and has a setback -- antennae are setback. there is a preference according to the guidelines and there are
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10 alternative sites that the network objectives -- that didn't meet the network objectives . there were two phone calls and seven letters objecting due to health concerns based on the international association of firefighters. the remaining objections were neighbors and taller buildings, particularly on green street because they were unable to look out or down. facilities from their windows. the department recommends approval with the project with conditions as the project is consistent with guidelines. the antennas would be minimal the visible and would not affect the architectural integrity of the building. the project complies with the applicable requirements and is consistent with the objectives and policies of the general plan.